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Diamonds 101

Diamonds 101

Posted by Diamond Diva on Feb 15th 2014

The Highest Quality Diamonds Are Found Where?

The highest quality diamonds go in rings. These diamonds tend to be nicer in quality. It does, however, depend on where you buy your diamonds. Make sure you look at the diamond yourself. Typically the diamonds in pendants are less quality than the one in rings but higher quality than the ones in earrings. The least desirable diamonds tend to go in earrings

What is the Most Important Factor When Buying a Diamond?

Everyone always tells people how important the four Cs are. The truth of buying diamonds is not just the 4 Cs but how it looks to you and how it looks to your naked eye. Yes, what is really inside the diamond does matter, but people don’t take a loop to your diamonds while you are wearing them. If it looks good to you keep it in your possibilities.

The 4 "C's" and what it means!

The value of a diamond can be determined after it’s Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight are evaluated. The better the diamond grades, the more rare it is and the higher the price. However you can SAVE by maybe deciding what is more important. Do you prefer better color to perhaps as clean of a stone? Or do you want a really nice stone just maybe not as large as the others.Remember…What you see by your naked eye is the most important quality.