Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about doing business with us but wonder how to go about it, we hope that these answers will clear up any confusion. We welcome any chance to make our customers’ experience a great one!


“What items do you buy?”

We are ALWAYS happy to look at whatever you have! Whether you’re going through an estate, de-cluttering, or just want to know what something’s worth, we will take the time to sort through just about anything!


“Do I need an appointment to bring in items?”

We are always ready to look at items anytime during our store hours. Feel free to stop in whenever it’s convenient for you: no appointment needed! Check out the About Us page to find out when we’re open.


“Are there any items you don’t buy?”

We purchase a variety of items every day--however, several factors can influence what we may or may not take in. We base buying on the current market, store policy, item age, restrictions, or simply whether or not we have enough knowledge about a certain type of item. Depending on what you have, our idea of an item’s value may be different than yours...but NO MATTER WHAT, we will be straightforward and honest and try to help you decide what may be best for you. Check below for some specific pieces which might be better left at home if you are thinking about making a trip!
Items we currently are not buying: stamps, ammunition, Playboy magazines, glassware or crystal, non-military clothing or apparel, large furniture, electronics (TVs, computers, digital cameras, video players, etc.).
Items we CANNOT buy: ivory (because of the laws restricting ivory trade), any decanter or vessel that contains alcohol/liquor.


“I have a large amount of items or pieces that are hard to transport. Is there a way you could look at them without me bringing them in?”

Absolutely! We are always willing to look at photos of items if you don’t want to haul something, or are simply unsure if we’d be interested. Take some pictures on your Smartphone & bring them in to show along with your smaller items, or send them as attachments via email to (Helpful hints: we love to hear any background you have on the piece, and let us know if you have an idea of how much you’d like to receive for it!)


“I have an estate or I don’t live in the area. Do you do in-home appraisals?”

At this time, we do not have the appropriate staff or resources for making house calls. In certain circumstances, arrangements may be made to come and collect item(s) that we have already agreed to purchase, if they cannot be brought to us.


“Can I pawn items or do you take items on consignment?”

No. We are a buy-sell-trade establishment only.

“Do you provide loans or financing?”

We do not provide loans, however we offer 12 months interest-free financing through Wells Fargo*, or an in-store layaway program (see below). Call or visit us for more details.
*Customer subject to credit check and payments are made monthly to Wells Fargo. Customer may take the item home right away. Interest-free for 12 months as long as payments are made regularly. If a payment is missed, balance will revert to the original amount.


“Can I place an item on hold or do you have a layaway program?”

Yes-- Placing an item on layaway requires that you pay a deposit of 20%, then monthly payments are required.* We will keep the item(s) on Layaway Interest free for 12 Months provided payments are made consistently. After 12 Months/ OR missed payments 15% interest will be applied to the balance. (Helpful hint: We can take a payment over the phone for your convenience! Minimum $20 Phone payment)
If a Layaway is CANCELLED--amount paid on item(s) will be converted to store credit or exchange in good standings. No cash refunds issued.
*Disclaimer: Failure to pay the balance due will result in forfeiture of the initial deposit. Call or visit us for more details


“Do you appraise items for insurance purposes?”

Yes! Currently our pricing STARTS at $95 per item; however if you have multiple items that you need insurance appraisals for, we will estimate cost based on each piece’s individual value.


“Do you repair jewelry?”

We offer a number of services based on customer needs. Because we do not have a goldsmith on staff, pieces are usually sent out to our independent company partner. Depending on the piece and the nature of the work you would like done, we will provide you with an estimate but total cost may change upon receipt of the item(s). Work will not be continued before obtaining your permission for any extra pricing adjustments. On average, repairs are completed in 3 to 6 weeks. Customers will be contacted personally by phone when their item is ready for pickup. Please call or visit us for more details, as every individual case is different.