Contest & Drawing Rules

Contest & Drawing Rules

You must be a Resident of the United States of American and at least 13 years old to enter any contest or drawing held by American Antiques and Jewelry Inc. Winners of any contest and members of their household must wait at least 30 days before entering any other contest from American Antiques and Jewelry Inc. This includes but not limited to, contests where persons participate on the internet through social media, polls, emails or the like. The 30 day restriction does not apply when winning based on a drawing.

Unless otherwise indicated, all prices must be picked up at American Antiques and Jewelry, 1049 W. Mason St. Green Bay, WI 54303 within 30 days of winning. Winners are welcome to arrange shipping when paying for postage.

Immediate family members of American Antiques and Jewelry may not participate of receive prizes for contests. 

Winners are responsible for any tax liabilities and additional costs no described as a prize. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for any other prize or merchandise.

Acceptance of a prize constitutes permission to the American Antiques and Jewelry to use the winners name, likeness and/or voice for the purpose of advertising and trade without further compensation.

The management of American Antiques and Jewelry Inc. acts as sole judge, interpreter and enforcer of contest rules and official declaration of winners. Rules are subject to change. Changes will be posted on