Atari Demonstration Center Auction

Sep 7th 2021

Atari Demonstration Center Auction

Calling all retro video game collectors! 

Join us in a once in a lifetime opportunity you won’t find anywhere else. From October 7th until October 17th, 2021 we will be auctioning off this massive lot of Atari and other retro systems, accessories and games that once was displayed in a computer/game shop in the 1980’s and has been kept in its form for 40 years. The last owner of the lot had it hidden away in storage and this is the first time the public has had the ability to view it since. The Atari Display/Demonstrator EX6005 is a 1982 store model console used to both store games to be sold but also as a way for aspiring gamers to try out the system before their purchase. This console is lighted and really lightens up a room when lit up. Over time the original computer monitor for test use has been lost but a simple older model computer monitor will work. Designed by DCI Marketing Co. out of Milwaukee, this type of Atari floor model can only be found in a handful of places including the National Video Game History Museum in Frisco, TX.

This lot includes:

Atari Display/Demonstrator EX6005

  • - H:79” x L:48” x D:24”
  • -DCI Marketing Milwaukee, WI
  • -Made in September of 1982
  • Systems:
  • -Atari 800
  • -Axiom AT-100
  • -Atari 850
  • -Atari 810
  • -Atari 410 Program Recorder
  • Accessories:
  • -Cords, Plug-Ins
  • -Joysticks/Specialty Controllers
  • -Paddles/Dial Controllers
  • -Instructional Books
  • -Blank Disks
  • Includes 150+ games with titles such as:
  • -Pac-Man
  • -Ms. Pac Man
  • -Centipede
  • -Dig Dug
  • -Donkey Kong
  • -Jumpman
  • -E.T.
  • -Pole Position
  • -Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
  • -Frogger

Most of the games are in their original box and packaging.

All games are shown in the promotional video pictures.

Auction is Oct. 7th at 6pm CST and will go until October 17th, 2021

In-Store Pick-up or private freight shipping selected by winning bidder ONLY.

We will be happy to work with whatever freight company you choose and properly prepare it for shipping.

Atari Auction